Our mission is to introduce the traditional, authentic flavors of Andy's Charleston Gold Rice to the modern table. Our rice is grown in our historic, single estate rice fields in Georgetown, South Carolina. 

Image of Rice Fields

The original Carolina Gold from which our rice was developed was brought to the US from Madagascar. Starting in the 18th century, White House Plantation, now White House Farms, has grown and processed this highly renowned rice. Andy's Rice has endured the years, wars and hurricanes- even the Great Depression. These hurdles coupled with the revolution of growing rice by mechanized means on large farms caused many starts and stops in White House's production. Although not continuous, the 21st century marks the 4th century of rice production in these fields.

In 2011, White House Farms began operating under the leadership of Don and Hayden Quattlebaum. The Quattlebaums take pride in the small batch Charleston Gold Rice, made with certified seed from the Texas Rice Institute.

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Andy's Charleston Gold Rice is named after Andy Quattlebaum, Don and Hayden's son. A portion of each sale supports The Andy Quattlebaum and Blackwell Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity. Such donations help carry on Andy's legacy through the things he was passionate about: animals, education, veterans, conservation, and the outdoors.