Rice Images in bags and in spoons

"Our winning white rice tasted "plain" in comparison to Charleston Gold Rice" 
- Cook's Illustrated, The Consumer Report for Chefs



Rice is the world's most important grain, being the basic diet for over half of the world's population. There are thousands of different varieties, and due to the importance of rice to so many, the trend has always been towards high yield, hardy varieties. 


Only in the last 20 yers has the farm to table movement allowed customers to get back to heirloom varieties of foods that focus more on taste and quality rather than high yields. Following in this high quality, small batch philosophy, White House Farms has reclaimed the historic rice fields that produced what many called the world's greatest rice, Carolina Gold. We are now planting in these fields a relatively new variety, Charleston Gold - a unique, aromatic and earthy product.

Recipe featuring middlins

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