The Farm

Rich in History - Rich in Flavor

Tidal Rice Fields and Lowcountry Terroir 

We are a historic single estate Charleston Gold Rice producer in Georgetown, South Carolina which means we’re fortunate to be very hands-on in the process of bringing Andy’s Charleston Gold Rice from our fields to your family table.

Andy's Charleston Gold Rice | 3m Rice Processing (4K UHD) from MadLad Films on Vimeo.

People often remark that our rice smells as good as it tastes. From the moment you open the bag, the aroma is unlike any rice you’ve ever tasted. It’s not only the unique Charleston Gold Rice seed - a variety developed with natural cross pollination of Carolina Gold Rice and aromatic varieties - but it’s also our land that imparts a flavor profile unlike any other rice you’ve ever tasted. Unlike modern rice that is often grown in sandy clay and harvested from multiple growers, we grow our own rice in our farm’s peaty fields that are mineral and nutrient rich. We’re close enough to the ocean to naturally flood our fields by the motion of the tides, yet far enough inland to receive natural freshwater river irrigation, which makes for delicious rice and a more sustainable farming method. We also use traditional rotational crop methods as part of our land stewardship program.

Image of Rice Growth Phases

Image of Rice Growing Process

After the harvest, we dry the rice and keep it in its husks to maintain freshness. We only clean and mill the rice in small batches as it’s needed to meet demand. Then we minimally process and polish the rice to preserve maximum flavor. We heat-seal the bags to further preserve freshness. While these extra steps are not inexpensive, we believe it treats these special varieties with the respect they deserve, and it guarantees that you enjoy a culinary experience that is authentic and true.