Being small batch, we take pride in each product. Charleston Gold was developed with natural cross pollination of Carolina Gold and aromatic varieties to produce a unique, aromatic, earthy product. Our seed is certified by the Texas Rice Institute.

Image of Raw rice

Unlike modern rice that is grown in sandy clay, White House Farms grows their rice in peaty fields that are mineral and nutrient rich. The product is made without gluten and GMOs using sustainable farming methods like crop rotation. Natural river irrigation is used in place of traditional ground water.

After the harvest, Andy's Charleston Gold Rice is dried, cleaned, and put in cold storage to maximize its freshness. We process and bag our rice in small batches to ensure top notch quality.  The final product is put in heat sealed bags to lock in the flavor. These extra steps are not inexpensive, but guarantee that the product you buy will be in prime condition for your enjoyment. After opening, please refrigerate or freeze to maintain optimal flavor. The rice will last for years in the freezer.

Rice Harvest Process Image