Frequently Asked Questions

What is White House Farms?
White House Farms (WHF) is located in the heart of the historic rice-belt region of Georgetown County, South Carolina. Don and Hayden Quattlebaum took over the stewardship of WHF in 2011.  They were drawn to the rich history of the land and the opportunity to reignite the rice-growing tradition of the farm.  WHF is one of the largest single estate growers of Charleston Gold Rice and in the Fall of 2022 harvested its first crop of Santee Gold Rice.

What's the story behind White House Farms?
Starting in the 18th century, the peaty, muddy tidal fields at White House Farms have produced rice that is uniquely flavorful and redolent of the Lowcountry terroir.  The rice fields endured more than two centuries of wars, hurricanes, even the Great Depression and these insurmountable hurdles eventually ceased rice production at White House – until now. 

What varieties of rice are grown at White House Farms?

Charleston Gold Rice and Santee Gold Rice.  

Charleston Gold is a firm textured, long-grain, aromatic rice, with a wholesome, nutty flavor and it is a superior variety developed from Carolina Gold - the heirloom variety that made Georgetown County one of the world’s largest and most renowned rice growing areas. 

Santee Gold is named for South Carolina’s Santee River and the rice is a modern nod to the historic and gold medal winning Carolina Long Gold.  It is a natural cross between Carolina Gold and an extra long grain variety. It does not have an aromatic trait but it is nearly identical in taste, cooking and culinary quality as Carolina Gold, just with a longer grain. 

Why is your rice named Andy's Charleston/Santee Gold Rice?
While honoring the tradition of growing these storied varieties of rice, the Quattlebaum Family is also honoring the legacy of their son, Andy, who was passionate about WHF, devoted to conservation, and loved the outdoors.  A portion of each sale of Andy’s Charleston Gold Rice supports The Andy Quattlebaum and Blackwell Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity. 

How should the rice be stored?
After opening, please refrigerate or freeze for optimal flavor. The rice will keep for years in the freezer but we guarantee it won’t last that long once you start cooking with it. 

I've heard of Carolina Gold Rice, but not Charleston Gold Rice. Are they the same? 
No. Charleston Gold is often called an “aromatic offspring” of heirloom Carolina Gold Rice. Our Charleston Gold is a firm textured, long-grain, aromatic rice, with a wholesome, nutty flavor. The Carolina Gold Rice Foundation offers a wealth of knowledge as their mission is the preservation of historic ricelands and heirloom agriculture.

What is the difference between rice and middlins? 
Middlins are rice kernels that are broken during milling. Middlins have been favored by South Carolina's Lowcountry cooks for centuries. The smaller kernel gives middlins a creamy texture, similar to grits or risotto. Check out our recipe here

What does unenriched mean? 
It means that our rice is all natural.  

Is the rice gluten free? Is it GMO free?
Yes, Andy’s Charleston Gold varieties are all free of gluten and are non-GMO.

What is your growing process?
Unlike modern rice that is often grown in sandy clay and harvested from multiple growers, WHF grows all of the rice in the farm’s mineral and nutrient rich peaty fields. WHF is close enough to the ocean to naturally flood the fields by the motion of the tides, yet far enough inland to receive natural freshwater river irrigation, which makes for delicious rice and a more sustainable farming method. They also use traditional rotational crop methods as part of their land stewardship program.

How do you mill your rice?
After the harvest, WHF dries the rice, then places it in hermetically sealed bags under CO2 to maintain freshness and quality. Milled onsite, they only clean and mill the rice in small batches as it’s needed to meet demand. The rice is only minimally processed and polished to preserve maximum flavor. Bags are heat-sealed to further preserve freshness. These extra steps are not inexpensive, but WHF believes it’s what these special varieties deserve, and it guarantees a culinary experience that is authentic and true.

Do you offer wholesale and food service?
Yes. If you would like to purchase our rice for retail sales, or are interested in large bags for food service, please contact us at or 843-442-4841