Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store Andy’s Charleston Gold Rice?
After opening, please refrigerate or freeze for optimal flavor. Don’t be afraid to stock up! Our rice will keep for years in the freezer but we guarantee it won’t last that long once you start cooking with it.

I’ve heard of Carolina Gold Rice but not Charleston Gold Rice? Are they the same?
No. Charleston Gold is often called an “aromatic offspring” of heirloom Carolina Gold Rice. Our Charleston Gold is a firm textured, long-grain, aromatic rice, with a wholesome, nutty flavor. The Carolina Gold Rice Foundation offers a wealth of knowledge as their mission is the preservation of historic ricelands and heirloom agriculture.

How many products does White House Farms carry?
We carry 3 products - Andy’s Charleston Gold Rice, Andy’s Charleston Gold Brown Rice and Andy’s Charleston Gold Middlins. 

What is the difference between Rice and Middlins?
Middlins are rice kernels that are broken during milling. Middlins have been favored by South Carolina's Lowcountry cooks for centuries. The smaller kernel gives middlins a creamy texture, similar to grits or risotto. Check out our recipe here

What does “unenriched” mean?
It means that our rice is all natural.  

Is the rice gluten free? Is it GMO free?
Yes, Andy’s Charleston Gold varieties are all free of gluten and are non-GMO.

Who do I contact about carrying the rice in my store or using it in my restaurant? Do you sell larger quantities for foodservice?
Please send us an email here and we’ll get right back to you. And, yes, we would be happy to talk to you about bulk purchases for restaurant and foodservice use.